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Taiwan's future up to its people: DPP chairwoman

2014/09/26 22:37:34

Taipei, Sept. 26 (CNA) Maintaining the peaceful and steady development of ties with China is a common goal in Taiwan, but Taiwan's future should be determined by its people, said opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen on Friday.

It is a consensus among an absolute majority of its people that the fate of Taiwan is in the hands of its 23 million people, Tsai said in response to comments by Chinese President Xi Jinping, at a fundraiser held by a pro-Taiwan independence group in Taipei.

There are many differences between Taiwan and China, and they have many different stances, Tsai said, and she hoped the two sides could bridge their differences through communication and discussion and learning to respect each other's views.

Taiwan's government represents the interests of its people, and it should clarify the basic stance of Taiwan's people, Tsai added.

During a meeting with a Taiwanese delegation in Beijing on Friday, Xi said that "peaceful unification and one country, two systems are our guiding principles in solving the Taiwan issue."

Xi also said that implementation of the formula of 'one country, two systems' will "fully consider the actual situation in Taiwan."

Also at the fundraising event, former Vice President Annette Lu told reporters that the formula was proposed by Xi after he came to power in 2013 and should not be seen as simply the rehashing of an old idea but something that has to be taken seriously.

(By Justin Su and Evelyn Kao)