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Taiwan relaxes restrictions on high-tech product export

2011/08/16 20:28

Taipei, Aug. 16 (CNA) The government has relaxed restrictions against the export of strategic high-tech commodities, including photomasks used in the semiconductor manufacturing sector, tool machines, IC and data protection devices, officials of the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) said Tuesday.

Since Taiwan exports a lot of products that can be used for both military and commercial purposes, the new measure will "help lower export costs and boost exporters' international competitiveness," an official of the bureau said.

Under an amendment to the regulations governing management of strategic high-tech commodity export and import, which was publicized by the BOFT Tuesday, the export of sensitive high-tech products to countries, which are all members of four international export control organizations, will be relaxed from "one export within six months only" to "more than one within two years."

Currently, there are 30 countries affiliated with the four export control organizations -- the Nuclear Supplier Group, the Wassenaar Agreement, the Missile Technology Control Regime, and the Australia Group -- most of which are industrial countries like the United States, Canada, Japan and some developed European countries.

BOFT officials said the amendment does not apply to countries that are listed as high risk in export of strategic high-tech products. These include China, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Sudan.

(By Lin Shu-yuan and Elizabeth Hsu) enditem/ly