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International Student ID cards to be used as multi-purpose cards

2010/04/01 21:27:05

Taipei, April 1 (CNA) The International Student Identity Card(ISIC) issued to students in Taiwan has now become a multi-purposecard, an official of a cultural and education foundation saidThursday.

The card, which previously was mainly used by students intendingto travel abroad to obtain cheaper flights and other savings, can nowbe used as a student ID, an Easy Card for public transport travel andan I-cash card, for making small purchases.

"Five schools in Taiwan have so far signed up to use the ISIC, "said James Tsai, director of the Kang Wen Culture and EducationFoundation, adding that additional schools are also planning to adoptthe cards.

The ISIC is issued by the ISIC Association, the onlyinternationally accepted proof of full-time student status. Accordingto the association, the card is endorsed by organizations such asUNESCO), the European Council on Culture and the Andean Community ofNations.

The card is recognized by universities, academic institutions,student organizations, national governments and ministries ofeducation around the world. "More than 70 million students from 163countries are using the cards for access to cheap flights and othertravel fees," Tsai said.

"As colleges and universities seek to become more internationalin Taiwan, we believe more schools will consider adopting the cards,"he said.

(By Sunnie Chen)