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Wheelchair dancing takes off

09/01 09:00

Wheelchair dancing has taken off in Taiwan in recent years. In 2013, dance teacher Theresa Tsai Hsiu-hui set up the Chinese Taipei City Wheelchair Dance Sport Association when she was urged to by people with disabilities. Many of the group’s dancers became disabled after being strickenwith polio when they were children. They dance with each other or are paired up with able-bodied dancers. The dancers get together frequently to practice and regularly give free performances in jails and care homes for disabled or elderly people. Last year,they gave 68 performances in Taiwan. The group’s dancers have also traveled to many countries to compete and they’ve even won awards. Ms. Tsai tells CNA why she set up the group, how it benefits the polio survivors and other disabled people, and the challenges she faced choreographingthe dances when she didn’t know how to use a wheelchair.

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