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Taiwan competition crowns cosplay couple

2016/04/03 20:31:00

(Photo courtesy of the Taiwan Cosplay Summit)

The Taiwan Cosplay Summit was held in Taipei March 27, providing an opportunity for some of Taiwan's cosplayers to strut their stuff and compete for glory.

Eleven teams competed to determine who will be Taiwan's representative at the World Cosplay Summit, while the winning pair will go on to compete at the China Cosplay Super Show.

First place winners, MK and Shoya (center / photo courtesy of the Taiwan Cosplay Summit).

The first place winners (pictured center), identified only as "MK" and "Shoya," played characters from the anime series Tokyo Ghoul and took home a prize of NT$20,000 (US$620).

The second and third place pairs were dressed as characters from the Pili Puppet Theatre.

(Photo by R. Seth Corbett)

Japanese anime series and games such as Naruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Love Live were also represented, while Chinese-language puppet theater and mobile games were other popular options.

(Photo by R. Seth Corbett)

Judges watched as cosplayers put on skits about their favorite characters. They acted and danced, with the crowd often getting worked up about their favorite cosplayers and characters.

(Photo by R. Seth Corbett)

The band Uncensored Baby, warmed up the crowd by performing in cosplay outfits. After the skits, the band TinyMinim played musical numbers that kept the atmosphere lively, while the audience interacted with the cosplayers.

(Photo by R. Seth Corbett)

The cosplayers were happy to show off their outfits and pose for pictures. These events are an opportunity for photographers to capture the artistry and fans wanting to snap photos with the cosplayers.

(Photo by R. Seth Corbett)

(By R. Seth Corbett)