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Spring trip to Alishan, southern Taiwan

2016/03/23 15:48:00

The Alishan Forest Recreation Area in southern Taiwan is holding its annual cherry blossom season March 10-April 10.

The Chiayi Forest District Office said Alishan is the first area in Taiwan that saw mass planting of cherry trees, the oldest of which was planted in 1903.

Sister Lakes.

Apart from the seasonal blooms that colors the area in white and pink, the office recommends several other attractions to visitors planning a visit.

The Eryanping trail. (CNA file photo)

The Eryanping trail, an entrance of which is at the 53.5-kilometer mark on the Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway No. 18), offers vistas of surrounding mountains and sometimes a sea of clouds.

The Xiaoliyuan Mountain sunrise viewing platform. (Photo courtesy of the Chiayi Forest District Office)

Another location for great mountain views is the Xiaoliyuan Mountain sunrise viewing platform, from which visitors can see Taiwan's Central Mountain Range and Yushan.

A journey on the century-old Alishan Forest Railway to the mountain village of Fenqihu is also recommended by the office.

(By Huang Kuo-fang and Kay Liu)