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Descendant of Confucius gives NT$500,000 quiz show money to charity

2018/06/03 20:57:04

Kung Fan-chin (孔繁錦, left) and Kung Hsiang-hsuan (孔祥瑄, second left)/photo courtesy of 17Media

Taipei, June 3 (CNA) Kung Fan-chin (孔繁錦), a 74th-generation descendant of Confucius and a regular winner on TV quiz shows in Taiwan, said all of the NT$500,000 prize money he has won has been donated to charity.

Kung made his remark Saturday after he and his son Kung Hsiang-hsuan (孔祥瑄) won NT$100,000 at a newly launched TV quiz show in which the pair impressed the host and audience by answering literary, historical, natural science, science and technology and current affairs questions.

Kung said he and the members of his family have earned nearly NT$1 million on various TV quiz shows. "All that was mine has been donated to charity. What Hsiang-hsuan does with his prize money, is up to him," he added.

Kung, born in 1953, does not come from a wealthy or famous family. One of six children in an ordinary family in Hualien, when young he read books in bookstores because he could not afford to buy them.

Although he has long been a physician, Kung said he has always been an avid reader of newspapers, including job vacancy ads and obituaries as a young man.

TV, which is much scorned in Taiwan as an "idiot box," provides further access to knowledge. He told a magazine that he once learned the answer to a very strange question that led to him winning a quiz show from television:

How can a young lion who has defeated an older lion manage to copulate with the lioness? "By killing her cubs."

After winning a series of quiz shows Kung has become known as "the smartest doctor in Taiwan."

(By Chiang Pei-ling and S.C. Chang)