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New minister aiming to inject more science into education system

2018/04/25 23:14:11

Education Minister Wu Maw-kuen (吳茂昆)/CNA file photo

Taipei, April 25 (CNA) Taiwan's new Education Minister Wu Maw-kuen (吳茂昆) said Wednesday that the young generation must be equipped with the ability to solve problems such as global warming and that the country's education system needs to keep pace with new technologies.

"Due to global warming, some people believe that our planet will face major catastrophes in the next 20 to 30 years," Wu said at his first meeting of ministry officials since taking office last week.

He said it is most important that the next generation becomes aware of the difficulties ahead and gains the ability to overcome those challenges.

In fact, Wu said, many of the existing problems are caused by the current generation, which has no right to hold the next generation accountable.

The current generation is responsible for providing the next generation with an education that will enable them to better face the future, he said.

Furthermore, with the development of technologies like artificial intelligence, Taiwan's education system needs to be changed, Wu said.

For example, young children do not need to learn about combustion engines in light of the fact that by 2035 electric vehicles will fully replace fuel-powered ones, Wu said.

In anticipation of such a future, it might be best to focus on how to build power plants, how electric cars work and the basics of battery power, said Wu, a physicist who specializes in superconductivity, low-temperature physics, and high-pressure physics.

He told his staff that Premier Lai Ching-te (賴清德) offered him the post of education minister in the hope that he would tackle education from a scientist's perspective.

"So as a scientist, I intend to find the best education system for Taiwan," Wu said.

(By Chen Chih-chung and William Yen)