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Chiayi magistrate accuses DPP lawmaker of sexual harassment

2017/09/20 17:19:01

Chang Hua-kuan (張花冠)

Taipei, Sept. 20 (CNA) Chiayi County Magistrate Chang Hua-kuan (張花冠) on Wednesday filed a sexual harassment complaint with local police against a Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) legislator and fellow party member.

Chang pressed her charges against DPP legislator Chen Ming-wen (陳明文) on Wednesday after he allegedly put his right hand around her shoulder and pulled her close to him to have a conversation during a pubic event on Sept. 13.

The magistrate said that she repeatedly told Chen to remove his arm but he ignored her.

Prior to a DPP central standing committee meeting, Chang told reporters she made her complaint to the police because "as a woman who has faced this kind of treatment, it is incumbent on me to come forward."

She added that Chen's actions made her feel uncomfortable and disrespected, and she wants all women to know that they need to stand up and speak out whenever they feel unfairly treated, uncomfortable, or disrespected.

Chang noted that President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), as DPP chairperson, should take notice of what has happened to her and take action to address the issue of sexual harassment within the party.

She said that even though the DPP promotes gender equality and Taiwan has a female president, sexual harassment remains a common problem.

"To resolve this situation, we must educate women not to tolerate misogyny," she concluded.

(By Lu Hsin-huei and Kuan-lin Liu)