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Taiwan records year's first indigenous dengue fever case

2017/05/16 18:21:33

Taipei, May 16 (CNA) A resident of Kaohsiung was diagnosed Tuesday with dengue fever, the first indigenous case of the disease reported in Taiwan this year, the Centers for Disease Control said that day.

The 27-year-old woman has been hospitalized since May 10, after coming down with symptoms including headache, fever, muscle pain, joint pain and pain behind the eyes on May 5, the CDC said.

Although the patient had visited Malaysia from April 15 to April 20, it is more likely that she contracted the disease in Taiwan, given that the symptoms, which usually appear in three to 10 days after being infected, were seen 15 days after her return, the CDC said.

None of the patient's family members or those living in her community have shown symptoms, the CDC said. One resident with no symptoms, however, has been listed as a suspected case after a blood test and will be given a second blood test on May 20.

Since the start of this year, Taiwan has recorded 79 imported cases of dengue fever, mostly from Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, according to CDC data.

A total of 380 indigenous cases and 363 imported cases of the mosquito-borne disease were reported last year, according to the CDC.

(By Chen Wei-ting and Y.F. Low)