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Man in dinosaur outfit caught for violating Taiwan's defense drill

2016/04/23 13:37:23

(Kaohsiung police photo)

Kaohsiung, April 23 (CNA) A man was arrested Friday for taking a stroll on the streets in a dinosaur costume a day earlier, during an air defense exercise in the southern city of Kaohsiung.

Police arrested the man, identified only by his surname Kao, after images of what appeared to be a small dinosaur roaming the streets in Kaohsiung were posted on a website known for exposés.

The authorities traced the man to the store where he worked thanks to surveillance cameras installed at intersections.

According to the Gushan Precinct of the Kaohsiung City Police Department, Kao took a stroll on Mingcheng 3rd Road in a dinosaur costume when traffic ban was imposed in the city and other parts of southern Taiwan for the annual Wan An air defense exercise.

The exercise has been taking place since March in different parts of Taiwan.

All vehicles on the road are supposed to pull over, while people are required to remain indoors during the 30-minute traffic ban.

[Kaohsiung, April 21]

Flights, trains, metro services would operate normally, but passengers who finish their journey would be kept inside airports or stations until the ban is lifted.

On the same day, a series of exercises designed in response to disasters, such as fire fighting, evacuation and emergency medical treatments, would be carried out.

After police questioned Kao, they forwarded his case to the city's Military Service Bureau for violation of the Civil Defense Act, the Gushan Precinct said.

According to the Act, Kao may face a fine of NT$30,000-$150,000 (US$928.79 - $4,643.96) for not abiding by the restrictions imposed during an air defense exercise.

Police said Kao told officers he thought it would be fun to walk around in deserted streets dressed up as a dinosaur, but didn't know it was against the law.

"He thought he would probably get a traffic ticket at worst, but he got a little nervous when we told him the seriousness of his offense," a police chief told reporters.

(By Chen Ja-fo and Kay Liu)