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107-year-old man votes in Miaoli City

2016/01/16 17:58:01

Taipei, Jan. 16 (CNA) A 107-year-old man in suit and tie voted in the presidential and legislative elections Saturday in Miaoli City, northern Taiwan.

Peng Chin-tien (彭進添), wearing a memorial cap bought at the Presidential Office, sat in a wheelchair and was accompanied by his 75-year-old son to the polling station.

Peng, a vegetarian who still sold orchids at a farmers market at the age of 102, was honored as a model father in Miaoli County last year, his son said.

Su Cheng-hu (蘇成虎), aged 103, was accompanied by his daughter and granddaughter as he cast his vote in Tainan's Shanhua District.

Chang Chia-fang (張嘉芳), Su's granddaughter, who works in the United States, said Su still conducts stock trading and often discusses the U.S. economic and political situation with her on the phone.

Chang said that although she comes back to Taiwan once a year since going to study in the U.S. 13 years ago, this time is her first trip home specifically for the elections.

(By Kuan Jui-ping, Yang Sz-ruei and Kuo Chung-han; click here for the full coverage of the elections.)