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Timeline of voice recorder of TransAsia Airways flight GE235

2015/02/06 16:40:50

Taipei, Feb. 6 (CNA) Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council on Friday released the information on the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder on board the TransAsia Airways passenger plane that crashed two days earlier.

The following is the timeline of the incident according to data registered on the cockpit voice recorder:

10:51:13 Flight GE235 is cleared for take-off

10:52:38.3 Main alarm goes off in cockpit for engine No. 2

10:52:43.0 Pilots mention easing power (pulling back the throttle) for engine No. 1

10:53:00 Pilots discuss procedure for handling engine flameout

10:53:06.4 Pilots again mention pullback of throttle for engine No. 1 and confirm flameout of engine No. 2

10:53:12.6 to 10:53:18.8 Alarm for loss of speed goes off for first time in cockpit

10:53:19.6 Pilots mention engine No. 1 propeller is auto-feathering and power to that engine has been cut off. Alarm for loss of speed goes off again two seconds later

10:53:34.9 Pilots issue first mayday and notify tower of engine flameout

10:54:09.2 Pilots repeatedly call for re-ignition of engine No. 1

10:54:34.4 Main alarm goes off for second time in cockpit Unknown noise recorded 0.4 seconds later

10:54:36.6 Cockpit voice recorder stops

(By Jay Chen; click here for the latest on the crash)

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