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Chinese fishing boat seized for poaching

2013/10/04 19:37:36

The seized Chinese fishing boat.

Taipei, Oct. 4 (CNA) Kinmen Coastal Patrol Corps officers seized a Chinese fishing vessel during an overnight sweep of vessels encroaching into Kinmen's maritime territory Thursday to fish, a spokesman for the corps said Friday.

The Chinese fishing boat, the Min Long Yu No. 61154, from Fujian Province in southern China, was caught in waters close to islets that are part of Kinmen, a Taiwan-controlled island group lying just off the Chinese city of Xiamen, the corps said.

The vessel was towed to Kinmen's Liaoluo harbor earlier in the day, where its 10 crewmen were to face an investigation into their activities, it added.

The Min Long Yu No. 61154 was one of more than 50 Chinese fishing boats that sneaked into Kinmen waters late Thursday, using the cover of night, wind and high seas, according to the Kinmen Coastal Patrol.

Since August, when China's seasonal fishing ban along its coasts was lifted, Chinese fishing boats have frequently been discovered entering Taiwan-controlled waters to fish, the corps said.

Patrols have been stepped up since September to thwart the intruders, with six vessels seized and 22 people arrested between Oct. 1-3 for poaching in Kinmen waters.

Under the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, the Min Long Yu No. 61154 faces a fine ranging from NT$50,000 (US$1,702) to NT$500,000.

(By Chen Shou-kuo and Elizabeth Hsu)