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Climate policy key to fighting global warming: experts

2012/09/27 14:45:32

Taipei, Sept. 27 (CNA) A top-down climate change adaptation policy for the energy industry is crucial in Taiwan's efforts to develop environmental sustainability, foreign and local experts said Thursday at a forum on a low-carbon economy.

Regulations aimed at reducing harm to the environment caused by global warming needs to be systematically directed by the government for better risk management, a British expert said.

"We have to understand those risks, and we need to have the right regulations in place," said Michael Harvey Lord, senior adviser of the U.K.'s Climate Change Environment Agency.

A visioning policy could help both the authorities and the public think long-term, Lord said, adding that his country has been doing so since it passed its Climate Change Act in 2008.

Lord said that under the scheme, the U.K. government is able to set planning guidelines for large energy infrastructure projects through helping operators assess their vulnerability to climate change.

Taiwan is heading in a similar direction, said Wu Chih-wei, an official from the Bureau of Energy.

Having passed a climate change adaptation framework of its own in June, the government has been more aggressively learning from countries like the U.K. to help the domestic energy industry identify risk and come up with possible solutions.

"In addition to the industry, we are working to raise public awareness about the importance of dealing with climate change in advance because it is an urgent issue that could affect all aspects of life," Wu said.

(By Lee Hsin-Yin)