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Parents value language, math over nature science: poll

2012/06/29 22:48:13

Taipei, June 29 (CNA) Parents polled in a recent survey on the degree of importance they attach to elementary school subjectsplaced a higher premium on language subjects and math than onnature science, according to the poll results released Friday.

Asked about the relative importance of the subjects their children study at school, the parents said the most important subjects are Chinese, English, math, nature science and social education, in descending order,according to the study conducted by the chemical company BASF Taiwan.

The relative unimportance parents feel about nature science is alsomanifested in the amount of money they spend to help their childrenimprove in it, the study found.

Whereas 42.9 percent of the respondents spent over NT$15,000 (US$502) in after-school lessons on the five subjects within the past six months, 59.4 percent of those spent less than NT$1,000 on naturescience.

Meanwhile, while 94 percent of the parents polled said that doing experiments help children learn about nature science, only 32.8 percent actually let their children do such experiments within the last six months.

Asked about how they teach nature science to their children, 64 percent of those polled admitted being incompetent teachers in the field.

The survey, which collected 1,668 valid samples, was conducted in May among parents of fifth- and sixth-graders in nine schools around Taiwan.

(By Wei Yun-lin and Scully Hsiao)