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Business leader, pop singer define happiness as 'not complaining'

2012/06/27 23:21:31

Taipei, June 27 (CNA) Acer Group founder Stan Shih revealed Wednesday that his secret to happiness is not complaining, while A Shin, the lead singer of the popular Taiwanese Mayday rock band, said his band never complains of not having a concert but rather moves to seek for opportunities to put on a show.

The two celebrities had their first-ever face-to-face encounter at a forum organized by the CommonWealth Magazine, an influential business journal in Taiwan.

On happiness -- the forum's theme, the successful enterprise leader said he believes "not complaining" is the reason that he always has a sense of happiness.

"I feel happy as long as I can grow in knowledge everyday," Shih said.

Saying he felt the same way, A Shin said the sense of happiness he acquires during the tormenting process of seeking performance opportunities is far more significant than the moment of receiving awards on stage.

Mayday nabbed six major awards at the Golden Melody Awards on June 23, making it the biggest winner of the largest music event in the Chinese-speaking world.

Speaking of his experience at creating a business, Shih said he never planned to create a business. He happened to be seeking a job when the world was pursuing personal computers, and at that time he knew his knowledge of micro processors could help Taiwan become one of the world's largest PC manufacturers.

"My greatest happiness is being able to make contributions to the country," he said.

For A Shin, his great discovery is that people won't be able to feel happy if they want to be nothing but a rock star. However, if you just focus on writing a good song or releasing a good album, you will be able to feel happy whenever you overcome a barrier to move forward, he said.

(By Chen Ching-wen and Elizabeth Hsu)