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Water turbidity in Kaohsiung affected by recent torrential rainfall

2012/06/11 22:59:19

Kaohsiung, June 11 (CNA) The turbidity of water samples taken from Kaoping River in southern Taiwan reached the high level of 40,000 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) on Monday after days of heavy rainfall, an official said the same day.

During drier months, samples from the river, which supplies a large portion of Koahsiung City and Pingtung County's daily water needs, usually post figures of 100 NTU, said Tsai Mao-ying, manager of Taiwan Water Corporation's Seventh Management District.

Heavy rain over the last few days has created much sediment and the company has decided the turbidity levels are too high to provide consumers with water from the river, even if water purification equipment is used, he added.

The company will channel 50,000 metric tonnes of water daily from Nanhua Reservoir to meet the daily demand of 1.6 million metric tonnes, Tsai said.

However, as the reservoir's turbidity levels are also on the rise, the company is planning to use only water from the top of the reservoir to provide water to consumers, Tsai added.

Other water sources that can be used to make up the remaining demand include ground water, well water, Dongang River and Chengqing Lake Reservoir, Tsai said.

(By Wang Shwu-fen and C.J. Lin)