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Singer goes partially naked to protest nuclear power

2011/04/25 23:18:30

Taipei, April 25 (CNA) Singer Lee Mi held true to the theme ofher "rather nude than nuke" protest and appeared partially nakedoutside the Presidential Office Monday to express her opposition tothe use of nuclear power in Taiwan.

Lee, who wore a flesh-colored bikini and played a helplesscitizen, and eight other activists, who wore radiation-protectiveclothing and played government officials, performed a skit showingwhat could happen if a nuclear crisis were to occur in Taiwan.

Their drama had a happy ending in which the idea of anuclear-free nation triumphed in the end, but the singer still drewthe attention of police.

Female police officers deployed to patrol the protest attemptedto cover Lee's partially naked body.

The police said Monday's rally was illegal because the protestersdid not apply for permission to hold a demonstration as required byArticle 25 of the Assembly and Parade Law.

The protesters could face a maximum fine of NT$300,000(US$1,038), the police said.

As to whether the singer's partial nudity violated the SocialOrder Maintenance Act, which bans nudity in public, the police saidthey had collected photos as evidence and would decide on the matterin the near future.

Under Taiwan's Assembly and Parade Law, nudity in public isbanned as a protest tool. People can only shed clothing as part of anartistic performance.

When asked by reporters whether the action was a publicity stuntto increase her visibility, Lee said she had participated in ananti-nuclear movement when she was a college student and insisted hermotives were beyond question.

Lee caused a sensation five years ago when she appeared naked ina short video produced by a local environmental group.

(By Chen Shun-hsieh and Ann Chen)