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Taichung police head resigns over police presence

2010/06/03 22:33:33

Taipei, June 3 (CNA) The resignation of Taichung police chief HuMu-yuan was approved late Thursday following public outrage over thepresence of four police officers at a crime scene in which a gangleader was shot in the central city.

His post was filled by Chiu Feng-kuang, deputy head of theNational Police Agency's Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Hu, chief of the Taichung City Police Department, resigned afterattempting to cover up the presence of the four officers when allegedgang boss Weng Chi-nan was shot dead in his office May 28. It was notuntil June 1 that the matter came to light.

The four police officers were reportedly playing mahjong thereand hid under a table when Weng was shot.

The case came to light after investigators looked at surveillancetape and discovered that when the killer entered the office, therewere four police officers on the scene. At first, the police forcedid not release details about the tape and officers were laterdisciplined.

Hu was blamed for keeping Taichung Mayor Jason Hu in the darkover the incident.

(By Y.L. Kao)