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Parents of missing children not giving up hope: child welfare group

2010/05/25 16:54:48

Taipei, May 25 (CNA) Parents of missing children, even those whohave not been able to find them for over a decade, have never givenup hope for their return, a spokesman for the non-profit ChildWelfare League Foundation said Tuesday.

The Taipei-based foundation held a news conference that day --International Missing Children's Day -- to call on the public to helpsearch for missing children and juveniles and care for familiessuffering from the devastating loss.

"Time has never diluted my feeling of missing her, " said onemother, whose child has been missing for 30 years. She expressed hopeof seeing her girl again some day in the future.

Lin Wu-hsiung, head of the foundation-run Missing Children DataResource Center, cited foundation statistics as saying that thefoundation received calls from parents of a total of 1,495 missingchildren and juveniles between 1992 and April this year.

In those years, 1,256 of the missing youths were located, givinga success rate of 84 percent, or four out of five children found, Linsaid.

Among the 239 unsolved cases, 95 are classified as "unknown" interms of the reason of the disappearance, which means one out of fouryouths go missing for unknown reasons, Lin explained, noting that ittakes longer to find a child whose parents do not know where or whentheir child goes missing.

The statistics show that 165 boys and girls who the foundationcontinues to search for have been missing for at least 10 years,while 64 of them have been lost for over two decades.

The longest case study the foundation has on its books at presentis a child who was reported missing 36 years ago, Lin noted.

(By Chen Li-ting and Elizabeth Hsu)