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Tsai rehashes promises to young people

2018/07/15 21:20

Taipei, July 15 (CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said Sunday that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has had trouble understanding how to communicate with young people since taking power in May 2016, but the party has not forgotten its promises to them.

Addressing the party's annual congress at the Grand Hotel in her capacity as party chairperson, Tsai also said ruling a country is not about putting on one performance after another but coming up with solutions to problems one by one.

Tsai said that in her inaugural address two years ago, she emphasized that building a better country for the younger generation was her government's vital responsibility.

Although some young people feel disappointed in the progress and scale of reforms undertaken by the DPP, and the party has become increasingly unaware how to communicate with young people effectively, Tsai said, adding she has not forgotten the DPP's promises to youth.

Tsai said she has met many outstanding young people since becoming president, describing them as a boon to Taiwan's future.

Over the past two years, the DPP has been consistently working to ensure that young people have the government's support as they pursue their dreams.

Tsai said the government has launched several large social housing projects to safeguard young people's right to housing and has rolled out a long-term care plan to help young people care for the elderly in their families.

The government has also introduced a tax reform package that will ease the income tax burden on wage earners and mid- and low-income earners and give the biggest benefits to young people and newcomers in the workplace, Tsai said.

It has also called on enterprises to hike employee salaries and has raised the minimum wage in Taiwan, according to Tsai.

At the same time, the government has amended the Labor Standards Act to improve working conditions although some young people are still dissatisfied with the changes in the law, Tsai said.

The Legislative Yuan has passed amendments to the Company Act, approving the largest revision to the act since 2001 with the aim of creating a friendlier startup investment environment, Tsai said, noting the amended law is expected to help young adults innovate and start up business.

The government's five-plus-two innovative industries initiative aimed at accelerating industry transformation and expansion could also provide employment opportunities for young people, she said.

Tsai said carrying out reforms to support the next generation was the theme of the party's national convention and the focus of the DPP administration.

Turning to China's pressure over the past two years of her presidency, Tsai said "we did not make any concessions," and must demonstrate a firm attitude in the future.

She also said Taiwan should continue to seek international support and take on external challenges in a neither subservient nor arrogant manner.

Taiwan has the responsibility to ensure regional security and peace while maintaining its sovereignty, Tsai said, adding that keeping the peace and stability in the region and across the Taiwan Strait under the principle of equality and dignity will require the collective wisdom of the DPP's members.

(By Lu Hsin-hui, Yeh Su-ping and Evelyn Kao) Enditem/ls