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Non-nuclear homeland goal remains despite blackout: Premier

2017/08/17 23:26:26

Premier Lin Chuan (林全)

Taipei, Aug. 17 (CNA) Despite of a nationwide power outage caused by a technical error at the Tatan, Taoyuan power plant on Tuesday, Premier Lin Chuan (林全) on Wednesday said the government still plans to stick to its non-nuclear homeland goal by relying on nuclear power as little as possible.

During an interview with CNA on Wednesday afternoon and following an upsurge in criticism of the government's energy policy focused on Taiwan Power Co., Lin said it was illogical to call for the long-term use of nuclear power as a way to solve the short-term problem of an accidental power outage.

On Tuesday, human error at the Tatan Power Plant, which is gas-fired, caused a widespread blackout in 17 cities and counties across the country that affected more than 6 million households.

The blackout triggered calls for the government to return to the use of nuclear power to stabilize electricity supply nationwide.

However, Lin said uncertainty is unavoidable as long as the nuclear power plants are operational and if any of them develops a serious problem, "the potential disaster would be unbearable for society."

"So, we should try to use as little nuclear power as possible. This is a question of values," he told CNA.

Lin assured the public that the government has not slowed down its effort to develop green energy; rather, by not reactivating some of the reactors at the existing three nuclear power plants, "we're using currently available nuclear power to promote our green energy industry."

Under such circumstances Taiwan's energy supply is going rather well in spite of the low power supply reserves, Lin said.

(By Ku Chuan and S.C. Chang)