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Anti-landing drill held in Taichung as part of Han Kuang exercises

2016/08/23 18:57:18

Taipei, Aug. 23 (CNA) The military held an anti-landing drill in Taichung Tuesday, as part of this year's Han Kuang series of military exercises to test Taiwan's ability to counter various types of simulated attacks by China.

The drill, which took place at the Port of Taichung, also marked the first time that the National Airborne Service Corps joined the annual exercises, the military said.

In Tuesday's simulation, the military had to fend off an opposing force that was seeking to land in Taichung and invade other parts of the island, the military said.

The military said it first dispatched AH-1W attack helicopters, then deployed CM-32 "Clouded Leopard" armored infantry fighting vehicles and M60A3 tanks against the "invading force."

Later a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter flown by National Airborne Service Corps pilots and a CH-47SD helicopter operated by the Army pilots carried special forces soldiers to the target area to join the anti-landing drill, according to the military.

A total of 297 soldiers and officers participated in the drill, it said.

The drill was part of the five-day Han Kuang exercises that will last until Friday.

The Han Kuang exercises, Taiwan's most important annual war games involving all three branches of the military, feature a set of live-fire drills and have the Army, Navy and Air Force test their joint response to simulated threats from China, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

(By Liao Jen-kai and Elaine Hou)