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Government will not tolerate violence against violence: spokesman

2014/03/31 23:35:15

Taipei, March 31 (CNA) The government will not tolerate any groups illegally interfering with the occupation of the Legislature by student-led protesters, Executive Yuan spokesman Sun Lih-chyun said Monday.

The government has faith that it can solve the protesters' occupation of the lawmaking body and will not tolerate any groups with different views to enter the lawmaking body to further complicate the situation, the spokesman said.

Although the Executive Yuan does not agree with the students' occupation, which began on March 18, Sun said it will not allow other groups to interfere with the matter in an illegal way or engage in illegal acts such as "using violence against violence."

Sun made the remarks after the Taiwan Workers' Welfare Alliance and other groups that support the trade-in-services pact said in a news conference earlier Monday that they are mobilizing supporters to head toward the Legislature.

They said the protesters' action in the Legislature has ground its operations to a halt for two weeks, prompting them to have supporters gather at the nearby Control Yuan and go to the lawmaking body to hold a dialogue with the students.

The alliance estimated that 1,000 people will attend the rally.

Former "Bamboo Union" gang leader Chang An-lo, who heads the Association for China's Unification, one of the groups represented at Monday's press conference, said he will not attend the rally but expressed his support for the pact.

Chang's presence raised fears that interaction between the groups supporting the pact and the protesters could turn violent.

Police said Monday that they will mobilize 300 policemen for the rally Tuesday, and vowed to immediately arrest anybody carrying weapons or baseball bats.

The DPP legislative caucus said that if the government allows some in the pro-pact group, whom it described as "gangsters," to harm the students, the DPP would definitely be on the side of the students.

(By Wen Kuei-hsiang, Justine Su and Lilian Wu)

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