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Over 50,000 Hong Kongers take to the streets on handover anniversary

2012/07/01 21:05:22

Hong Kong, July 1 (CNA) More than 50,000 Hong Kong residents took to the streets Sunday to voice their discontent over a range of social and political issues on the 15 anniversary of the region's handover from British to Chinese rule.

Before the march and rally, the organizers had projected that at least 50,000 members and supporters of political parties, labor unions and civic groups would come out in protest against China's handling of the death of democracy activist Li Wangyang and a host of other issues.

By the evening, police estimated that 55,000 people had departed from Victoria Park on the anniversary march. The organizers said they would give their own estimates later.

During the march, the protesters demanded an investigation into the mysterious death of Li Wangyang, who was found hanging from a hospital window by a strip of cloth around his neck, in Hunan Province on June 6 this year.

It is believed that the activist, who was blind and deaf, may have been murdered because of his political stance.

The Hong Kong protesters also demanded vindication for the thousands of pro-democracy protesters who were killed or wounded in Tiananmen Square, Beijing on June 4, 1989.

Some Hong Kong protesters said they were not satisfied with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's performance and wanted him to step down.

The protesters also called for a higher minimum wage for workers, narrowing of the wealth gap, and dismantling of the "hegemony" of real estate tycoons.

(By Stanley Cheung and S.C. Chang)
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