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Taiwan envoy, Chinese leader meet on APEC summit sidelines

2010/11/13 13:12:05

Yokohama, Nov. 13 (CNA) Lien Chan, Taiwan's presidential envoy tothe Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leadership summit, metChinese President Hu Jintao Saturday, with the two hailing a landmarkcross-Taiwan Strait trade deal and exchanging views on issues ofmutual concern.

Lien visited Hu at the Chinese paramount leader's hotel inYokohama on the sidelines of the APEC leaders' summit being heldhere. The two addressed each other as "Chairman Lien and "GeneralSecretary Hu, " according to a press release issued by Lien's officefollowing the meeting.

Both Lien and Hu believed that the inking of the economiccooperation framework agreement (ECFA) between Taiwan and China inJune marked a milestone in the development in cross-strait relations.

The two men agreed that both sides should cherish the ECFA as agood foundation upon which to further stabilize two-way ties. Lienvoiced hope that the tariff-slashing deal will better help Taiwanblend into economic integration in East Asia and enhance Taiwan'srole in the world market.

Lien also urged greater market access for Taiwan's small andmedium-sized businesses in China in ensuing ECFA negotiations.

Taiwan and China have yet to discuss issues related tomerchandise and service trade, as well as the establishment ofmechanisms related to trade arbitration and investment guarantee.

On his part, Hu praised Taiwan's pavilion in the recentlyconcluded Shanghai World Expo.

He suggested that the two sides settle disputes through bilateralnegotiations to avoid confrontation when responding to Lien's callfor Taiwan's greater presence in international non-governmentorganizations.

Lien, a former vice president and currently a honorary chairmanof Taiwan's ruling Kuomintang, represents President Ma Ying-jeou inthe APEC leaders' meeting for the third strait year.

APEC is a forum for 21 Pacific Rim economies that seeks topromote free trade and economic cooperation.

(By Lin Ye-fong and Flor Wang)