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Taiwan's first beef noodle guidebook hits stores

2012/09/10 20:44:26

Taipei, Sept. 10 (CNA) A guidebook that has selected Taiwan's top 173 beef noodle restaurants and stalls out of some 30,000 nationwide has hit store shelves, the publisher said Monday.

Beef noodles, known as "niu rou mian" in Mandarin Chinese and dubbed Taiwan's "national noodles," are a popular dish in the Asian world, Jiao Tong, founder of Fish & Fish International Co., said at a press briefing.

Taiwan's beef noodles are a unique culinary phenomenon, he went on, adding that many visitors come to Taiwan just for a bowl of the savory treat beloved by so many. With this guidebook, people can find details of some of the many "common-looking but surprisingly delicious" stores, said Jiao.

The 200-odd-page Chinese-language book titled "Taiwan's Top Beef Noodle Restaurants" not only tells the history of the dish but also introduces the many local variations that are available, including spicy versions, tomato-based ones and even curry-flavored.

From a bowl costing just NT$50 (US$1.68) to one priced at an astonishing NT$10,000, there's a bowl for everyone, Jiao said.

It took a team of 12 gourmets and five years of field research to finish the book, the publisher said, adding that he chose not to disclose the names of the reviewers in order to retain full impartiality.

Having decided to update the guidebook every three years, the publisher said the company is also planning to work on English- and Japanese-language editions to further promote the "nation's delicacy" worldwide.

(By James Lee)