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Researchers identify two crabs never before recorded in Taiwan

2012/06/01 23:12:51

Taipei, June 1 (CNA) A Taiwanese research team has found two kinds of crabs on an island off southwestern Taiwan that had never before been recorded in Taiwan.

One of the two, charybdis paucidentata, commonly known as the red or crucifix crab, is a rare swimming crab species mostly found in the Red Sea, and in waters off East Africa, Australia and Japan, according to the team.

The crab was caught by fishermen just off the shore of Siaoliouciou Island in April, said Lo Liu-chih, a geography professor at National Kaohsiung Normal University, who led the research team.

A member of the research team, Chen Wen-jou, spotted the crab among the waste dumped by fishermen, who did not know what it was, he said.

Thanks to the finding, the number of crabs in the charybdis genus in Taiwan increased to 22, Lo said.

The other crab, the Pseudomicippe indonesica, is a rare species in the spider crab family, Lo said, noting that Taiwan is now the second place in the world after Indonesia where the crab has been spotted.

(By Kuo Chu-chen and Elizabeth Hsu)