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Taiwan can use humanism to ensure peace with China: culture minister

2012/05/16 22:59:53

Taipei, May 16 (CNA) Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai said Wednesday she hopes Taiwan will use its focus on human values and concerns to safeguard peace between Taiwan and China.

"I hope that Taiwan will become a fortress for humanistic thinking in the greater Chinese community, a fortress with a lighthouse effect," Lung said at a press conference to announce the progress of upgrading the Council for Cultural Affairs into a ministry.

Lung said one of Taiwan's strengths is the depth of its concern for human values and its ability to remember its traditions.

Mentioning the renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre as an example, the minister said the dance troupe is able to promote itself to the world not only because of its good techniques and marketing skills, but also because of its focus on human values and traditional culture.

Taiwan should use its culture to "do more to foster peace," Lung said.

She said only with peace can Taiwan ensure a society that is open and guarantee that its people can continue to enjoy the right to independent thinking.

The new Ministry of Culture will include parts of the Ministry of Education, the Government Information Office and the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission.

Departments will be dedicated to the fostering of international cultural exchanges and the development of the arts, the publishing industry, the cultural and creative industry, film, television and popular music, and cultural resources.

The new ministry is scheduled to come into being May 20, when the Cabinet reorganization takes effect. An inauguration ceremony will be held the following day.

(By Christie Chen)