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Legislative committee meeting focuses on talent recruitment

2012/05/09 20:43:59

Taipei, May 9 (CNA) The vice president of Taiwan's Academia Sinica told a legislative committee Wednesday that he was once tempted to leave the country for a lucrative post at a Hong Kong university, but decided in the end to stay in Taiwan.

Asked about this lucrative offer at the Education and Culture Committee, Wang Fan-sen, a renowned history researcher, said that after much thought, he declined the offer of NT$800,000 (US$272,604) per month to serve as the university's vice president because he felt it was more significant to remain in Taiwan to pursue his studies.

But Wang also said that "although patriotism and love for this land are important, salary is also very important," adding that the offer was far more than his salary at the time of more than NT$100,000 a month as director of the Institute of History and Philology.

At the committee meeting, legislators drew attention to a "declaration on talent recruitment" made by Academia Sinica President Chi-Huei Wong and key figures in the academic, business and media sectors last August that called on the government and society to pay greater attention to the imbalance between supply and demand for talented professionals.

Wong warned in the declaration that if Taiwan fails to address the crisis, the island can expect to lose its competitive edge in the coming years.

The academic added that since the Legislature passed the Fundamental Science and Technology Act, there is a bigger flexibility for retaining talents.

However, he also said that it is not uncommon for talents to come and go in the world, so as long as Taiwan can attract talented people to work in Taiwan, then "we don't have to worry about the short-term brain drain phenomenon."

A handsome salary is one way to attract talents, he said, but "it is more important to offer a superior working environment."

As long as Taiwan has "this kind of superior working environment, it won't have to worry about not attracting talents," he said.

(By Lin Szu -yu and Lilian Wu)