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Workers at Wei Chuan implore public not to boycott products

2014/10/14 21:19:12

Taipei, Oct. 14 (CNA) Faced with a widening boycott against products by Ting Hsin International Group over the use of substandard oil, workers at prominent subsidiary Wei Chuan Food Co. implored consumers Tuesday to keep buying their products to save their livelihood.

In an open letter, the Wei Chuan workers' union said the fate of their company is on the line and they have to speak out to retain their rights to work and make a living.

The embattled food giant is feeling the heat of consumers angry over the use of oil intended for non-human consumption and other uses by Ting Hsin subsidiaries Ting Hsin Oil & Fat Industrial Corp. and Cheng I Food Co.

Wei Chuan products have been removed from many shelves by retailers, while they are piling up at others as people fed up with the recent series of food safety scandals avoid any products and services affiliated with Ting Hsin.

But Wei Chuan employees argued that the scandal has little to do with Wei Chuan and its products, stressing the brand meets food safety quality inspection standards.

The listed company gives jobs to more than 5,000 people who have done nothing wrong, the union said, imploring the public to end calls boycotting Wei Chuan's products.

Despite their concerns, the head of Wei Chuan's plant in Douliu, Yunlin County said he has not received instructions to lay off any of the around 450 employees who work there.

Manager Tsai Hung-wen said the staff remains confident in the quality of the products they make and have scrambled to purchase fresh milk produced by the company.

(By Han Ting-ting, Yeh Tze-kang and Lilian Wu)

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