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AIT official urges more protection of music copyright

2012/04/21 18:05:37

Taipei, April 21 (CNA) Taiwan still needs to make more effort in preventing the downloading of illegal music files, an official of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) said Saturday.

AIT Economic Officer George Ward said he appreciates that Taiwan has made a lot of progress in the protection of intellectual property rights during the past few years, but said the country still needs to address the issue of unauthorized music file-sharing.

“One of the biggest concerns -- I think not just in Taiwan but Asia-wide -- is the authorities believe there’s music downloading going on and there’s illegal file-sharing,” Ward told CNA when attending a celebration for World Intellectual Property Day in Taipei.

“I think that is consistent with something that the right-holders’ groups have raised as their concerns,” he said.

Ward said there are still a lot of Chinese-language sites that promote illegal music files.

Since buying or selling pirated goods are crimes, he went on, Taiwan should be strongly against such behavior.

Robin Lee, chief executive of the Recording Industry Foundation in Taiwan, also urged Taiwanese students not to download music from unauthorized websites.

“If you like local pop singers like Jay Chou and Chang Hui-mei, or foreign pop divas like Madonna and Lady Gaga, all I ask is that you use genuine products or go to authorized onlinemusic sites to gain legal access to the music,” Lee said.

If people continue to download music from unauthorized websites, Taiwan's recording companies, as well as performing artists and singers, will not be able to produce more good music due to a lack of income, he said.

(By Jeffrey Wu)