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Paraguay welcomes Taiwan investment in energy-intensive sectors

2011/03/14 22:44:08

Taipei, March 14 (CNA) Visiting Paraguayan President FernandoLugo on Monday welcomed Taiwan's energy-intensive businesses toinvest in his country, where he said they would not be troubled bypower shortages.

Meeting President Ma Ying-jeou at the Presidential Office, Lugosaid his government has been working hard to protect foreigninvestment, and stressed that "Paraguay is the best entry point intothe Southern Common Market (Mercosur) for Taiwanese businesses."

Paraguay has excellent investment advantages, Lugo said, andbusinesses such as energy-intensive manufacturers can find the bestconditions and will not suffer from any power shortages.

As Taiwan enterprises' "best entry point into Mercosur, "Paraguay can help Taiwanese investors raise their market shares andvisibility in South America, Lugo said.

"I believe that our new cooperation projects, boosted by mygovernment's supportive measures, will achieve multiplier effects, "Lugo said.

He also told his host that Paraguay's beef exports to Taiwan havedoubled since he took office two years ago, and Ma asked Taiwaneseofficials attending the meeting that when shopping for beef tospecify that they wanted beef from Paraguay.

Ma said he was honored to receive the chief of state of Paraguay,Taiwan's only diplomatic ally in South America, as it celebrates the200th anniversary of its independence and the ROC celebrates itscentennial.

Lugo said he was extremely pleased to visit Taiwan, an ally thatis "geographically far away but emotionally close" to Paraguay.

He said one of his administrative priorities was to attractforeign investment to Paraguay, "and this is one of the prime goalsof my current visit to Asia," he said.

Besides visiting Taiwan, where he will stay until March 17, Lugoand his entourage will also make a stop in Indonesia. The groupvisited Vietnam before coming to Taiwan.

Accompanying Lugo were Hector Lacognata, minister of foreignaffairs; Francisco Rivas, minister of industry and commerce; and EnzoCardozo, minister of agriculture and livestock.

(By Garfie Li and S.C. Chang)