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Taiwan invents world's smallest RRAM architecture

2010/12/14 18:50:48

Taipei, Dec. 14 (CNA) A micro resistive random-access memory(RRAM) developed by the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL)has a world record 9 nanometer half-pitch, one of its inventors saidat a press conference Tuesday.

The functional RRAM has a data storage capacity 20 times largerthan flash memory, but consumes 200 times less power, said HoChia-hua of National Nano Device Laboratories under the NARL.

The invention is expected to enter the phase of mass productionwithin five to 10 years, Ho said.

He touted the new technology as a new road for the memoryindustry, as the technology to shrink the size of traditional flashmemory is anticipated to reach a bottleneck by 2013.

Flash memory started with 90 nm process technology in 2004, whichevolved to 32 nm this year and will shrink further to 22 nm in 2011,Ho said, adding that development is expected to stop there.

His research team, however, has successfully shrunk the size ofthe RRAM to 9 nm, while greatly reducing the power consumption bychanging the chemical composition of the tungsten-oxide layer.

Despite using only a tiny amount of power, the new RRAM can store500 gigabytes of data on a one-square-centimeter chip, Ho said.

The new technology will allow all kinds of data-processingelectronic products to be reduced in size, he added.

Ho predicted that once mass production of the new RRAM begins,it will help promote Taiwan's global memory output from the presentless-than 1 percent to 10 percent.

(By Yang Shu-min and Elizabeth Hsu)