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'The Longest Way' video maker offers tough love to China

2017/11/26 19:04:59

Image taken from Pixabay

Taipei, Nov. 26 (CNA) The man seen walking around China in the viral video "The Longest Way" professed his continued affection for the mainland in a recent TV interview but still had harsh words about life there when compared with what he saw in Taiwan.

The video, which has over 20 million views since it was released in 2009, featured Christoph Rehage walking over 4,646 kilometers from Beijing to Urumqi between November 2007 and October 2008.

In an interview with German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) after visiting Taiwan these past two months, Rehage said Taiwan was lovely but he felt sad during that time because he saw himself being able to fulfill himself here while not being able to do so in China.

"The people I know in China would really like to live like how there is a general trust among the people in Taiwan," he said.

He explained that due to the system in China, people lost trust in each other, though he said it was the same way in Iran, Kazakhstan and other autocratic countries.

The people in both Taiwan and China have a passion for good food and their humor and culture are similar, Rehage said, but what is different is that "the lifestyle in Taiwan is relaxed and without much pressure, but in China even if one is rich, they still live without a sense of security."

Rehage said he raised the problems he observed in China because he loves the country and doesn't want to be one of those foreigners who only says good things about China to make money and then leaves.

"I have not lived in Taiwan, so therefore my love is still for the mainland, that strange mainland. That's the way it is," he said.

(By Miao Zong-han and William Yen)