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China aircraft carrier embarks on second naval exercise

2015/06/14 23:19:34

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning. Photo from PLA Navy

Taipei, June 14 (CNA) Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning (遼寧號) on Friday set sail from its Qingdao home port to conduct "routine training and scientific explorations", according to a post on Chinese navy' official Weibo micro blog on Sunday.

This is the second sortie by Liaoning openly reported by China's military.

The post said that the sortie "is a momentous test" to assess the performance of Liaoning and her crew since it was commissioned three years ago in 2012.

Lee Jieze (李杰則), a Chinese military expert told China's Global Times that the experiences gained through China's first aircraft carrier program will serve as the doctrinal and operating foundations for the development of its new aircraft carriers in the future.

These include allocation of personnel and crew, installation of weapons systems and training programs.

Lee added that Liaoning's previous trainings involved military crew, and civilian designers, engineers and mechanics, while the next will focus on full-scale exercises to test its ability in joint operation of the carrier and its aircrafts, in addition to the alignment of the carrier and other vessels.

According to Lee, Liaoning's primary battle objective is to provide support for air superiority in China's regional waters. The carrier will also serve as a strategic deterrent to potential aggressors, much similar to how U.S. aircraft carriers are used in its Navy, he added.

(By Ted Chen)