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China's media step up criticism of Ting Hsin

2014/10/14 23:06:13

Taipei, Oct. 14 (CNA) China's news media have gradually stepped up its criticism of Ting Hsin International Group since it became embroiled in another food safety scandal that has triggered a widespread boycott of Ting Hsin products in Taiwan.

The Chinese authorities and media were at first silent after it came to light Oct. 8 that Cheng I Food Co., one of the subsidiaries of the group, adulterated its lard-based oil with oil meant for animal feed.

Only Alibaba, China's e-commerce giant, said the following day that problematic products would be removed from shelves.

But China's official news media such as Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and Guangming Online began to carry Taiwan's media reports from Oct. 10, on "the public's outrage against Ting Hsin, which has been involved in several food safety scandals," and said the Ting Hsin group has been involved in three food safety violations in one year, with Wei Ying-chung resigning from his posts as chairman of Cheng I Food Co. and two other subsidiaries of the group.

People in China have begun heated discussions in the wake of the reports and some netizens said they have begun to doubt the safety of Taiwan's food.

China's Xiamen customs repacked 256.75 tons of Wei Chuan beverage and soy sauce products from Taiwan into containers Oct. 10 and sent them back to Taiwan Oct. 12. Wei Chuan is another Ting Hsin subsidiary.

China also announced Oct. 11 that imports of cooking oil from Cheng I will be temporarily banned.

When China's CCTV reported that Cheng I cooking oil is at the center of the current food safety scare, it mentioned that Ting Hsin is the parent company of the famous Master Kong brand of instant noodles, indicating that the official media had begun to correlate the instant noodles known by thousands of millions of Chinese people to Ting Hsin.

The report lasted for six minutes.

More media followed suit in reporting on the matter, with the Beijing News on Monday describing Ting Hsin as a "rogue enterprise that is lax and negligent in food safety.

It also said that the authorities should "display great courage" in dealing with the food safety scandal, and not to be "afraid to crack down on an enterprise that is considered to be "too big to fall."

(By Eva Feng and Lilian Wu)

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