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UMC honorary vice chair admits having children out of wedlock

2012/07/01 18:03:21

Taipei, July 1 (CNA) John Hsuan, honorary vice chairman of chipmaker United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC), admitted Sunday that he had fathered three children in three different extramarital affairs.

In a videotaped statement that was also read by his friend Ho Kan-ming, Hsuan apologized for hurting the feelings of his family and causing public concern.

He said the three children were officially registered as part of his household.

The IT business tycoon said he hopes his wife will forgive him and allow him to make amends.

"I love my wife very, very much. She's my only love. All my assets are in her name," said Hsuan, 60.

It was disclosed in the media last week that Hsuan had fathered a 7-year-old daughter in a relationship outside his marriage. It was later revealed that he had three children born out of wedlock to three different mothers.

"I will not deny this," he said in the statement. "There are only three of them -- no more. I'm telling everyone clearly what I've done wrong and you don't need to speculate anymore."

Shortly after the statement was released, Hsuan gave a press interview at his alma mater National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu.

He said his wife had forgiven him after the three affairs, but the recent news reports had evoked painful memories for her, Hsuan said,

His top priority is to get his wife to forgive him again and to spend time with her doing things that she enjoys, said Hsuan, who was accompanied by his eldest son.

Hsuan's affairs reportedly shocked the local IT community because he appeared to be a devoted husband.

(By Chang Chien-chung and Kendra Lin)
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