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Taiwanese duty-free park in China well-received

2012/05/15 22:29:46

Xiamen, China, May 15 (CNA) Since a Taiwanese duty-free park opened in Xiamen, in China's Fujian Province, last September, over 50 percent of its customers have made return visits, the park's investor said Tuesday.

The park, situated on Xiamen's Dadong Island, has become a popular attraction for tourists from all over China, including from as far afield as Beijing and Shandong, said Ye Cize, a manager of Xiamen Xiangyu Group Corp.

Two shops, including one authorized to sell Taiwan National Palace Museum souvenirs and one that sells glass, saw monthly sales reach over 100,000 Chinese yuan (US$15,799) in January this year, said Ye.

Items made of Taiwan cypress, coral, glass and porcelain are very hot sellers, Ye added.

Company officials estimated that the park will attract over 2 million visitors and will import up to US$60 million-worth of merchandise from Taiwan this year.

The park currently has 206 registered shops, 124 of which are Chinese retailers and 82 of which are Taiwanese.

The duty-free park specializes in small Taiwanese commodities, including food, cooking oil, dairy products, local goods, textiles, handicrafts, medicine and home appliances. Customers have a spending limit of 3,000 yuan.

Xiamen receives over 30 million visitors per year, and the park works as both an exhibition and sales center, making it a convenient platform for Taiwanese businesses to sell and distribute their commodities at low prices in China, said Xiamen Xiangyu Group Corp. Chairman Wang Longchu.

In addition, Taiwanese businesses have branched out to open retail chain stores in other Chinese cities after setting up flagship shops in the park, said Wang.

(By Chen Hung-jin and C.J. Lin)