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Not yet time for Taiwan-China peace agreement: MAC

2012/02/16 22:41:08

Taipei, Feb. 16 (CNA) Mainland China should recognize the reality of the Republic of China being a sovereign country, a Taiwanese official said Thursday, adding it is not yet the time for a peace agreement.

Besides reiterating the ROC's existence as a sovereign state since its establishment in 1912, Liu Te-shun, deputy minister and spokesman of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, said mainland China should establish a more accurate perception about Taiwan's mainstream views on the cross-strait relationship.

Liu's remarks came after China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman Fan Liqing said in a press conference a day earlier that Beijing hopes both sides of the Taiwan Strait can work on creating an environment for a peace agreement.

The ROC government's cross-strait policy, which President Ma Ying-jeou has stressed several times, is to maintain the status quo with no unification, no independence and no use of force under the framework of the country's Constitution, Liu said.

By doing this, Liu said, Taiwan can ensure its sovereignty and security, and create a solid foundation for peace across the Taiwan Strait.

On Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's current trip to the United States, Liu said Washington has briefed Taipei about the visit and will do so again afterward.

(By Chen Hung-chin and Kay Liu)