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Exhibition on ancient Egypt arrives in Taiwan

2011/06/08 21:15:01

Taipei, June 8 (CNA) History buffs in Taiwan will not need totravel to Europe or Egypt to get a peak into the life and culture ofancient Egypt when an exhibition featuring more than 200 artifacts,including an unwrapped mummy, opens in Taipei June 12.

Titled "Quest for Immortality, " the exhibition has 268 relicsspanning 6,000 years. Most of the items are on loan from the BoltonMuseum in the United Kingdom, including some that have never beenexhibited outside the museum before, according to the China TimesGroup, the main organizer.

The Oriental Museum of Durham University and Jewry Wall Museum,also in the U.K., have also contributed items from their collectionsto the exhibition.

Hsieh Che-ching, a well-known local tour guide, said in apromotional event held Wednesday in Taipei that there have beenseveral exhibitions on ancient Egyptian mummies held in Taiwan, butnever before has an unwrapped mummy been brought here.

He was referring to one of the highlights of the exhibition -- amummy prince, a son of Ramesses II, who was the third Egyptianpharaoh of the 19th dynasty and is widely regarded as one of the mostcelebrated and powerful pharaohs of the Egyptian Empire.

Ancient Egyptians believed people were resurrected after death tolive forever and they paid great attention to the preservation ofbodies through a complicated process called mummification, Hsiehsaid.

Other objects featured include a golden death mask for a mummythat can be dated back to 30 B.C., a carved stone that is believed tobe more than 4,000 years old, and a full-size reproduction of thetomb of Thutmose III, the sixth ruler of the 18th dynasty, whosereign lasted from 1479 B.C. to 1425 B.C.

The exhibition will be on view until Sept. 23 at the ChiangKai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei.

(By Hermia Lin)