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Hospital has radioactive water leak, but AEC says no harm done

2011/05/30 23:02:27

Taipei, May 30 (CNA) A radioactive water leak was reported Fridayat a hospital in Taipei, but the leak has been repaired and therewere no reported injuries, the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) saidMonday.

A cleaner reported spotting a leak from a wastewater pipe on theceiling of an underground parking lot at the Tri-Service GeneralHospital in Taipei's Neihu District Friday morning, the AEC said.

Hospital personnel suspected the leak came from a pipe connectedto radioactive iodine rooms for thyroid cancer patients and had thecontaminated parking area cordoned off to keep the public fromentering.

The hospital followed standard procedures and duly reported thecase to the AEC.

After testing the site, the AEC said the contaminated area wasroughly one square meter and had a maximum radiation reading of 5mSv/h. As of Monday, the reading had dropped to 2.67 mSv/h, the AECsaid.

The radioactive substance will die out after 20 days and poses nothreat to patients and medical personnel at the hospital, the councilsaid.

According to the hospital, the amount of radiation at thecontaminated site is very low compared to the amount a patient getswhen given an abdominal X-ray, which emits 200-300 mSv/h.

(By Stacy Wu and Ann Chen)