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Taiwan's economy shows stable growth

2011/01/27 22:29:35

Taipei, Jan. 27 (CNA) Taiwan's economy is growing at a steadypace, with the overall indicator for economic climate flashing ayellow-red light last December for the fourth consecutive month, theCouncil for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) said Thursday.

The CEPD said the total score of the economic indicator forDecember went up to 33 points from 32 points in the previous month,with the indicators for financial, production, trade and consumptioncontinuing to grow, it said. The labor market also showed signs ofimprovement.

The government has been vigorously helping to attract moreforeign and domestic investment to stimulate the economy, said HungZui-pin, director-general of the CEPD's Department of EconomicResearch.

Stock index, machinery and electrical equipment imports flashedfrom green to yellow-red last December, while the manufacturingsector turned from an overheating signal to the yellow-red steadygrowth indicator, said Lin Li-chen, another member of the department.

The indicators of the other sectors remained unchanged, accordingto the CEPD.

The leading indicator, which reflects the short-term economicclimate, stood at 121.8 points in December, a rise of 0.3 percentfrom November, the CEPD said, while the six-month annualized rate,which addresses the longer term, dropped by 0.4 percentage points to2.2 percent.

(By Lin Hui-chun and Maia Huang)