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Taiwan's 2019 fireworks explained

01/02 20:45

A massive crowd of people flocked to Taipei City Hall Square on Monday night, New Year's Eve, to watch the annual fireworks display at Taipei 101. The fireworks look different from previous years' pyrotechnics. This year, the show lasted for six minutes -- the longest ever at the skyscraper. It was accompanied by music and animations on an LED lighting system, known as T-Pad, covering the 35th to 90th floors on the tower's northern facade. And for the first time, a lighting system at the top of Taipei 101 displayed a countdown timer from 99 seconds to the new year, longer than the 60 seconds in the past, which made the spectators even more excited. According to Taipei Financial Center Corp., which manages the building, the animations featured in the light show covered nine themes that present to the world the best parts of Taiwan: its food and night markets, people and professions, geography and the environment, medical expertise. technology and contract manufacturing, as well as freedom and democracy. Another difference of this year's fireworks display are the greetings in 16 different languages displayed toward the end of the show to convey Taiwan's New Year wishes to the world. Now in its 15th year, the Taipei 101 fireworks show has become one of the world's most popular New Year's countdown parties. If you've missed it or even if you've watched it on TV, take a look at this video to see an up close version of the fireworks, now that you know what they symbolize.

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