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What is happening to Taiwan’sstrays?

04/07 09:00

Early last year, Taiwan banned animal shelters from euthanizing stray animals, but has the situation gotten better? Previously, shelters with inadequate space and staff euthanized thousands of dogs and cats each year that were not adopted, to prevent overcrowding, fights and diseases. Before the ban, pet owners who wanted to abandon their animals were told by the shelters that their pets could be killed in 12 days if they were not adopted. With the ban, some people feared that more pet owners would feel they can abandon their pets. Tim Gorski, CEO of The PACK Sanctuary, recently told CNA what the situation is like at the shelters since the ban went into effect. He said adopting a no-kill policy, without taking measures to prevent dogs and cats from ending up on the streets and reproducing more strays, is not the solution. Hear what he thinks could be a solution to this long-existing problem. (This is part of a three-part series on how Taiwan can better protect the rights of animals.)

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