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Video shows shot Vietnamese migrant left to die

09/16 20:32

A 27-year-old "runaway" Vietnamese migrant worker was shot at nine times by a police officer in Taiwan's Hsinchu County on August 31st. The police officer responded to a report of car theft. He said the migrant worker resisted arrest, hit a government worker and threw rocks at the police officer. The migrant worker was unarmed. The worker's father said his son ran away from his job to avoid the high broker's fee. No footage of the shooting has been made public. But videos provided by the Hsinchu County Fire Bureau show that the police officer and the first ambulance arriving at the scene did nothing to try to save his life after he was shot. Prosecutors and Taiwan's Control Yuan are investigating the death of the former factory worker, identified as Nguyen Quoc Phi. His family and rights groups are demanding a thorough investigation and transparency. Watch this video to see what happened after Mr. Nguyen was shot.

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