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A more open North Gate

2016/02/22 07:44:00

Built over 130 years ago, Taipei's North Gate came into the spotlight recently when the city government demolished an overpass that had shadowed the historical structure over the past 39 years.

The demolition was a key element of the city government's project to reposition the western part of the city as a gateway and create a pedestrian-friendly environment in the area.

The North Gate, built in 1882, is the only one of the city's five gates that retains its original look.

The wall of the old city, situated along what are known today as Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongshan South Road, Aiguo West Road and Zhonghua Road, and the West Gate were torn down in the early 1900s during Japanese colonial rule.

In the Beimen metro station.

In the Beimen metro station near the North Gate, an underground archeological site revealing some of the old wall's foundation is preserved as part of the area's historical record.

Near the Ximen metro station. (Photo courtesy of the Taipei City government)

A model of Taipei when it was a walled city is displayed near Exit 1 of the Ximen metro station, where the West Gate was located.

(By Kay Liu)