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Grand Hotel reopens historic restaurant

2015/03/13 10:46:00

The Grand Hotel reopened its Yuan Yuan restaurant on March 11 with an expanded menu of Jiangsu and Zhejiang delicacies and Taiwanese dishes.

The restaurant, which first opened in 1973, has been moved to the lobby of the 63-year-old Taipei landmark, which is undergoing a renovation.

Yuan Yuan head chef Wang Quan-Yi (center).

During the official reopening, head chef Wang Quan-Yi and his colleagues showcased some of Yuan Yuan's new dishes along with old favorites.

Red bean rice cake.

A Yuan Yuan specialty is red bean rice cake, said to be a favorite of the late Madame Chiang Kai-shek.

Qin Gong meat balls.

The renovated restaurant's new dishes include "Qin Gong meat balls," which was served at royal banquets during the Qing dynasty.

Dongpo Pork.

The restaurant also offers Taiwanese dishes, such as fried oysters and an egg frittata with dried radish, to cater to overseas visitors, the hotel said.

(By Chang Hsin-wei and Kay Liu)