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Immigration agency holds job fair for new immigrants

2018/10/14 20:42:20

Photo courtesy of the National Immigration Agency

Taipei, Oct. 14 (CNA) The National Immigration Agency (NIA) said that it helped 15 new immigrants to secure interviews for possible employment at a five-star hotel in Taipei during a job fair Sunday.

The job fair, held at the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei, attracted some 35 new immigrants seeking work at the hotel, which, according to its director of human resources Timothy Chan (陳添棣), employs people from all over the world, including nationals of Japan, Thailand and Italy.

The NIA said it organized the job fair, in collaboration with the hotel, to help bridge the language barrier and cultural differences between new immigrant job seekers and potential employers.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group provides a wide range of training programs for its employees at various levels and is hoping to employ new immigrants for work at its branches in their home country or at other international hotels with which it has sisterhood ties, the NIA's service center said in a statement.

According to the NIA, 15 of the 35 new immigrants who were seeking employment at the job fair managed to obtain interviews.

A Vietnamese woman surnamed Nguyen, who is a student at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, said she and two of her compatriots at the university decided to attend the job fair after they heard that the hotel was planning to open a branch in Ho Chi Minh City in their home country in 2020.

Nguyen, who speaks fluent Chinese and English, said although she can only apply for part-time jobs because she is still a student, she is hoping to become a full-time employee at the hotel in Vietnam when she graduates.

Tu Jinhua (涂金花), a new immigrant from Xiamen in China's Fujian province who has been married to a Taiwanese for 16 years, said she had been working in the hotel laundry for more than four years and was promoted to a division chief.

(By Huang Li-yun and Evelyn Kao)